New year, new adventure… foreword to my new blog!

Hey there fellow readers and bloggers, Happy New Year!



This year I decided to go beyond my generic new year’s resolutions (to be more healthy, confident and kind) and actually set a measurable goal – to create a blog and make at least one post each week. Having just completed year 12, new experiences will soon be bountiful. I will be heading out into the big wide world to study a bachelor of design, and will be immersed more than ever in the world creativity which I am so passionate about. So when deciding what to focus my blog on, the answer came to me simply. This blog will be dedicated to sharing my cultural discoveries with you, through the eyes of a young person discovering the world. I will be focusing on topics such as art, design, music, cuisine, literature and film, as well as documenting my own creative processes. 

So, officially, welcome to my new blog Sloane Culture! 

My name is Monica, I’m 18, from Australia, and obsessed with art and design. 

So you can get to know me better, here are some things about me; 

∞ I believe in positivity, karma and hard work.

∞ I’m a dreamer and a believer (hence why my friends relate me to Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter).

∞ I hope to be a successful designer one day…

I would love to hear from my readers, so please message me if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to chat! You can also check out my tumblr page by clicking here and my pinterest page by clicking here. Let’s kick start 2014 full of culture. Enjoy…



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